cher is a robot

hello and welcome to my webpage about how cher is a robot and/or cyborg. my name is ezra and these are my conspiracy theories. please don't forget to sign my guestbook!!

what's new?

this entire website is new, however, when i add updates to the page in the future, this is where i shall talk about them.

  • 11 march 2018 - long time no update! inspired by a friend, i have added some cher memes to the site.
  • 12th june, 2016 - i added two theories as to why i feel cher is a robot.
  • 12th june, 2016 - i added six (6) gifs to the favourite cher gifs section
  • 12th june, 2016 - i added five (5) music videos to the top 5 cher music videos section -- please note, these videos are subject to change. i find new favourites crop up as i delve deeper into cher's voluminous videography.
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